29 August 2013

I said I would never...

I'm sure that this will be the beginning of a never-ending list.  I know I've mentioned on here before, but B-Man was a complete surprise.  E and I had loft goals of where we wanted to be in life before we started a family...and that was not in the plans for another 5-7 years.  Well...sometimes you can do all the planning you want and it doesn't make a difference in the world.  Before you start asking questions, YES I was on birth control and YES I am living proof that it is NOT 100% effective.  More on this little story another time.  B-Man was a surprise.  I was scared. Actually, I cried. We weren't ready.  We weren't prepared.  We hadn't talked about what we would ACTUALLY do if we ever got pregnant because there was no way we would be having kids anytime soon.  I will never forget coming in crying, and E (being the calm and logical one that he is) asking me why I was crying.  We both have good jobs, a house, savings...we were married.  It really wasn't a bad spot to be in.  And while I hated nearly every minute of pregnancy, I love nearly every second of motherhood (...so far, anyways).  I've quickly learned that there are several things I "knew" I would never do that...well, I've done.  And so begins my list.
  1. Bring my baby out without shoes or socks on.  You read so much about how babies can't regulate their temperature and this is an ABSOLUTE must.  B-man doesn't even have a pair of shoes right now.  And socks...forget about it.  I used to always make sure he had socks on...for him to rip them right off.  I learned quickly that if it's chilly out, a cozy blanky tucked in under his feet in the car seat was DEFINITELY the way to go.  I'm sure my opinion will change on this once the New England winter sets in...but for now, I'm just happy he's in a onezie when we leave the house these days. 
  2. Co-sleep.  I swore this one off as soon as I found out I was pregnant.  And admittedly, if we were in a different situation we probably wouldn't co-sleep.  But when you have a screaming infant in the middle of the night along with your in-laws in the next bedroom over...you will do anything you can to calm him down.  I know this is developing some terrible habits.  Terrible.  The concept of self-soothing is nearly non-existent at this point.  B-Man's been teething recently and I think between that and a little cold he had he was starting to wake up earlier and earlier, and get into bed earlier and earlier with us.  The past few days it's been at 5/530 AM, which isn't too bad.  And let's be real, he's pretty darn cute and cuddly.  Sometimes circumstances are a game changer!
  3. Lose my patience.  Especially this young.  B is almost 9 months old.  I knew the first couple of weeks, maybe two months would be tough.  But he was so good after that for so long that I really didn't think I'd lose my patience with him until we hit the terrible two's.  But now.  Guess who doesn't like to lie/sit down while getting his diaper change.  Changing a poopy diaper on a squirming baby who just wants to crawl, is not fun.  There have been more than a few times where poor E hears "TOOTS I need  you in here....NOW."  It's not his fault.  And it's not B's fault...I know he doesn't understand yet.  But that doesn't make it any easier. :) 
I'm sure there are more that I can't even think of right now...and without a doubt there will be more added to this list in the coming years...it's just a matter of time.

And because no post is complete without a picture....

Yep, that's B in our bed...sleeping right next to where I was sleeping a few minutes before I snapped this...

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