31 July 2013

This little guy....

...sure is lucky he's so cute.  It's an early night over here for us...hoping to catch up on some sleep and praying for some uninterrupted rest.  This little man gets me every time.

And how is it that baby tootsies are so darn sweet??

30 July 2013

My baby's turned into a monster....

I am...beat. Wiped. Pooped. Exhausted.  That's right, friends.  We're teething.

Even though that face gets me every time...it's tough to remember in the middle of the night.  We've been spoiled.  It's true.  B-man has slept through the night since he was about two months old.  We have a bed time routine (and I swear by Johnson & Johnson's night time bath....without it he just doesn't sleep the same).  B-man gets dinner, has bath time, dry off, lotion time, get wrapped up in a swaddle blanket (not a true swaddle anymore), have a bottle and then he passes out.  Before? He would sleep 9-11 hours...no interruptions.  He was a great sleeping.  Now? Well, now we're teething.  That means that last night, when he only got up once, and for only 45 minutes in the middle of the night...it was a good night.  The worst night?  A few nights ago when he was up 5 times, at one point for almost an hour and a half.  E and I both work and have long commutes...so there is really no winning.  Poor little bug can't fit enough things in his mouth and there's nothing that really seems to work for him.  He wants to be held, but he's uncomfortable when you hold him.  So he wants to get down and crawl, but needs your comfort...but when you hold him...well, you get it.  Any moms out there have any advice?  B-man cut his first two teeth when he was six months and really without any fussing at all.  I couldn't understand why anyone would possibly say that teething was tough.  Now I know....now....I know.  At least we've still managed to get some good ole pics over this past weekend....

28 July 2013

Another Beginning

After months...well, let's face it, it's probably been over a year now, of reading other lovely lady's blogs, I've decided to carve out my own little space right here.  For a while now I've routinely checked out recipe blogs, lifestyle blogs...MOMMY blogs.  I've recently read so many posts about the amazing community of bloggers and support that so many have found.  And I especially love that some of these blogs end up being a digital scrap book...an archive of pictures, thoughts and memories.  Hubs and I live in New England and have had tons of adventures and surprises over the last few years...the most recent being our little angle baby, B-man.  Even though we did everything almost everything to ensure we wouldn't have kids for at least another five years, we found ourselves staring at two little pink lines on a pregnancy test about 16 months ago, and now we're bringing up our little B-man. 

Not only were we not planning on having kids anytime soon, I cried when I found out we were pregnant and hated almost every second of pregnancy (except for the food...the food was good).  I panicked about being a parent multiple times because "we weren't ready."  (Ummm...we both have degrees, are married and have a house!)...I'm pretty sure E thought I was crazy and I'm not sure how he handled my entire pregnancy.  Not being prepared to be pregnant, having crazy hormones, eating (a lot...I mean...a lot) and ballooning up like a whale made me a little difficult to be around the majority of the time.

Oh you must being having twins...my sister loves having twins, you'll have so much fun!
(Actual quote from a cashier...when 6 months preggo...)

I planned to be super healthy and workout all the time while growing a little munchkin inside of me...instead we went to the Chicago food festival and I took full advantage of eating McDonald's whenever possible.  *sigh* I somehow still went into labor 5 days early.  On my way to work, I felt funny, called E and told him I thought today was the day, continued on to work, worked for 45 minutes then headed to the hospital.  

One hubby locking his keys in the car and 12 hours later our little angel baby was born. 

After everything, turns out that being parents is an amazing and wonderful experience...and yes, we're already planning for number two (a few years out ;) ).  So i guess this little spot here will be our journey through raising the B-man and everything else in our crazy life.