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So I know last month I talked about our love of Halloween.  But, I think the entire stretch from end of October to just after New Year's is by far my favorite time of the year. Eric and I have always loved the holidays and being festive, and we have lots and lots of decorations but I feel like we've always been in a constant state of motion and never really had the chance to decorate for all holidays before.  Last year, we decorated for Halloween in our old house, and the house looked amazing! I'll preface by saying the pictures that we have honestly didn't do it justice.  We had a fog machine running downstairs where we had decorated, some scary Halloween music/sounds playing and even a strobe light upstairs with the scary guy in the window...

It's amazing to look at these photos and realize the difference that our new camera makes!  We had a great time decorating last year (even if the only people who came by to trick-or-treat were our neighbors...). And then Thanksgiving came, which was great last year.  We hosted (I was wayyy to uncomfortable to travel at that point) and had our families over and I know it was a Thanksgiving that Eric and I will never forget.  

But shortly after that, BMan was born, and then less than a month after that, we moved!  So while we were able to get a tree up and decorate, we definitely didn't go all out for Christmas.

We were definitely more focused on the new little bundle in our lives than full on decorations.  But this year?  This year we have a one year old.  Who loses his mind when he sees lights. The expressions BMan makes when he sees lights hanging or on Christmas trees is absolutely priceless. It's amazing that it takes so little to make that little guy's day.  Anyways, this year...we decided to invest in several actual decorations for our house...and Eric has done an amazing job decorating (inside and out!).  We even invested in a $20 inflatable Santa that lived inside until the day after Thanksgiving...
 Santa's waking up...
 Santa's awake!
 Testing out the new decorations!
 So pretty in the dark! 
As I'm writing this, I realize that we have no pictures of the outside of our house decorated yet. But it's bright out. And lets' face it, pretty cold soooo I'll get on that. Later. But lucky for all of you...I took pictures this morning of the inside of our house all lit up...and the sun coming up.  Sometimes something good comes out of the little one waking up at the crack of dawn.

So last time we chatted, it was 11 days ago.  11!  Unacceptable.  Yes, we've been busy.  but no, we haven't been that busy! We've made a ton of progress.  I already mentioned that we've done some painting, but I didn't get a chance to show you before and afters.  So that's why I'm here!  I painted our small upstairs bathroom yesterday, too.  Really I'd just been itching to do it.  We bought a small, $2.00 can of paint - it wasn't the color I originally had chosen, but it was a nice shade of grey, and for $2.00.  Is it even possible to beat that?  I'll help. It's not.  Anyways, I'll get to it!
It seems like so few pictures for the amount of work it was.  Thanks again to mom and dad for helping us with this fun little project! I think "the guy who comes with Nana" had a blast sword fighting with the little one...
BMan loves giving Daddy high fives!
Don't mind the clean and unfolded laundry in the background (that's pretty much standard 'round these parts!) but I mean check out the wild hair on this crazy little man!

It's finally here!

Our beautiful home on a beautiful road!  We've got some cleaning, organizing and painting to do.  Stay tuned for before and afters....more to come soon!

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