13 August 2013

Weekend Happenings

These are the kinds of weekends I love.  Relaxed and laid back...some built in lounge time.  On Saturday, B-man let us sleep until 8:30.  He woke up at midnight and spent the rest of the night in our bed. He was up at 6 and I figured he was up for the day, but one part of a bottle down and he passed right back out, and until 8:30.  Bliss.  The last time E and I got to sleep in that late while not on vacation was...well, before B-man.  Saturday we had to paint a bulkhead, but then we did some shopping and tried out a new sandwich shop, Capriotti's.  The sandwiches were HUGE, expensive and pretty good.  Even B-Man had some of the bread.  I think he enjoyed it!

It was also the first time bug sat in his big boy stroller without the car seat and he loved it.  He was a little sleepy the whole time, but so good and not fussy.  I wish I took more pictures....it was a beautiful day and we had so much fun!

When we got home we weren't too hungry, but a bit later we decided that we should probably eat something for dinner.  I went back to making one of my old favorites....quesadillas.  I remember the first time I made quesadillas for E's parents. They were amazed at how good they are.  And they're so easy! Always a crowd pleaser.  All we used was a tortilla, grilled chicken, mozzarella & taco blend cheese and onions with some avocado and salsa on top.  It takes all of 10 minutes to make a quesadilla for two meals.  How can you beat that?!

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