21 January 2014

Vegas Part 2

We had all wanted to go to Old Vegas this time around. Eric's dad (Papa H) convinced us that we shouldn't head up there around dinner time, we should head up there a few hours before. We bought some bus passes and hopped on the double-decker bus all the way up to Fremont Street. We hopped off the bus and hit several of the casinos. Eric and I had been up there before and it's just so neat. Vegas in itself is so unique, but North Vegas just has a whole different air to it. It was still light out when we got there so you couldn't appreciate the full Fremont Street Experience just yet.

Binion's is a neat little casino. They also have $1 million on display. No joke....take a look:

We played a little Blackjack and a few slot machines. I remembered Mermaids from the last time we were there. Eric and I had played and we only put a few dollars in and probably lost money. But the slot machines there don't spit out tickets that you scan and cash in for checks. No, no. They dish out nickels! Eric's older brother and his fiancee were playing there this time and had the treat of catching about $20 worth of quarters that came out of the slot machine...it's quite the experience! After wandering up and down Freemont Street, we decided it would be fun to eat at the Heart Attack Grill.  I had never heard of this place, but apparently it's pretty famous, and not necessarily for great reasons! Either way, we figured eating there just once would be worth the experience!

The menu is pretty gross. You can't even order a diet coke here, only Coke. And the burgers...well here's a picture for ya...yep, "add bacon" means add FIVE slices of bacon on their "small" burger!

The burgers were HUGE. But the experience was pretty cool. They also had jello shots on the menu, and Eric and I decided that everyone we were with probably needed a jello shot. Before I show you the pictures, there are two things you should know about me. #1 - I had apparently never had a jello shot. #2 - I don't even like vodka. But I was a champ, don't worry, I finished the whole thing...but won't be revisiting that anytime soon! Everyone at our end of the table was pretty enthusiastic about them...their positive attitude must have just worn me down!

 I still had way more left than anyone else...

 The brothers with the girl who spanked them for being "naughty"...some boys didn't finish all the food they were served! I inhaled what was left on my plate after we saw another patron get spanked. This girl had NO mercy (trust me, this picture was before the spanking!!).

 Unfortunately, I'm still not good enough with the camera - I didn't even get "mid smack" shots, this is the best I got, but suffice it to say, they were all a little sore by the time we left the restaurant!

(no joke!!)
After dinner, we walked around, so the Toy Shack that's featured on Pawn Stars frequently, went to a sports memorabilia shop and then just enjoyed Fremont Street at night.

That little trip was definitely one of the highlights of our trip. The next day, we hit a bunch of casinos on the strip and ate at Burgr (Gordon Ramsey's restaurant in Planet Hollywood).  Eric and I had been there before, but it was a first for Dave and Jus...I think we all left the restaurant saying that it was the best burger we've ever had!

All-in-all, it was a fabulous trip. It was even better to know that we had this goober waiting for us once we got home!

We know we won't be going back to Vegas for quite some time at this point. Until we meet again!

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