21 August 2013

Grandma, Grandpa and A Mall

After our fun filled Saturday (and a rough night...did I mention how much wine I drank? Suffice it to say it's a good thing E's parents watched Brady on Saturday...and here's to hoping E will drive me home again in the future...love you, toots!).  Anyways, Sunday morning, we were up and at it, ready to go again.  We haven't seen my parents in a couple of months, since they flew back across the country with Bman (more on that another time!).  It had been about two months, and luckily there's a mall and a bunch of restaurants almost exactly halfway between where we live and where they live.  We decided to meet up at Red Robin and had a delicious lunch.  Bman got to try some new foods, too.  I stress foods, as in plural.  He's recently started eating more and more solid foods (yes, we picked him up from daycare one day and his provider told us he had half a waffle for breakfast....my baby is growing up too fast!).  At lunch on Sunday, the small list of new foods he tried were...olives, avocados, blue cheese and the inside of potato fries.  He was in his glory.

Once we were done with lunch, we headed over to the mall up the hill and walked around for a while. We found a play area and we all had a blast watching Bman explore, find new games, and slowly venture further and further out.  But he always came back to us in between his little ventures.  There was a lot going on but I think he loved crawling around and finding new toys!

Standing on the turtle!

Hanging out with Grandpa

Giving kisses...to himself...on a mirror. Nothing like strengthening that immune system!

A new favorite game!

Venturing out...

After the play area, you would think B would have been exhausted, no? Well it turns out, this mall has a carousel.  What better time to take the little guy on his first ride?  He did SO well the first two spins - he had us all going thinking that he was having a great time....

Unfortunately, by spin three, the day was getting to bug.  He was tired, didn't want to be on the tiger anymore and was probably getting dizzy.  After E and I did some careful maneuvering and planted our feet, we rescued little B from the tiger, got him off the carousel, into his stroller and back to the car, where he promptly passed out as soon as we started moving.  It was quite the day for such a little man!

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