14 August 2013

Why "Our Home" is blank...

I mentioned in yesterday's post that we are currently crashing with the hubs' parents.  We've had an interesting couple of years.  It's a story that I could really drag out...but I won't. :) We always knew that we wanted to be landlords at some point, and the opportunity presented itself sooner than we had expected.  We were out in the southwestern part of this beautiful country... (more on how much I loved it out there at another time...but I guess I can share one picture!)

...on a work assignment for a few months and while we were out there, we were able to rent out the house that we bought two years ago.  It seemed like things were lining up perfectly.  The only problem?  We had about three days between when we moved back east and the time that our new tenants would be moving in. Somehow, we managed to make that happen.  (Actually, we know exactly how...with the help of some of our great friends is how!)  We thought we'd be crashing with E's parents for a month, max.  Well, a month has turned into two.  We're supposed to be closing on a house this Thursday, but it looks like that house may not even be a possibility anymore.  The appraisal isn't in, but from what we've heard it's low.  We've had a couple of other issues and it's not looking too hopeful that we'll be able to come to an agreement with the sellers.  But that's okay...if it's not meant to be it's not meant to be.  We have a few more houses that we've found online that we want to look at if all doesn't go well.  Needless to say, four adults and an infant living in one house can get a little tight sometimes.  Oh.  And we have a husky.  Who lives outdoors.  And is currently in the process of destroying my in-laws yard.  *Sigh* Here's to hoping all goes well in the next few days. Once we find a place where we can get settled, I'll be sure to share with you all what it looks like!  E and I are ready to find a house and make it our home!

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