26 August 2013

Weekend Recap

I was looking for pictures from this weekend when I realized the only pictures I have were from my phone...and they are almost all food.  We spent a good chunk of the Saturday looking at houses...but walking away without a whole lot of progress.  Saturday evening we had a lobster fest!  B man officially tried his first taste of lobster.  There's a little place around these parts where they actual cook the lobsters for you for a tiny bit more than you would otherwise pay.
This is what these bad boys looked like when we opened the bag.

I promise this isn't what B-Man actually ate...Just for the purpose of pictures!  You can actually see how orange his little nose is from the sweet potatoes he was indulging in earlier!  And can I just say that I can't believe my little man is already eating lobster???  We also went food shopping this weekend...and I didn't buy one jar of baby food because B-Man has already outgrown jarred food.  He much prefers real pasta, veggies, chicken or fruit than the jarred food. Fine by me...but it's all going by much too fast!

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