04 September 2013

Epic Fail...and some success

Well it's true.  Do you remember this post? Unfortunately, I do too.  And I don't have good news to report! I worked out twice last week.  Twice.  Unacceptable. That for sure was an epic fail.  BUT I'm still determined, and I am going to get better.  The worst part is that I didn't even do anything over the long weekend!  We went and looked at some houses (with no outcome, again) and I didn't workout once.  In fact, I think I took about 1500 steps one day.  For anyone who knows how many steps you need to get in a day to be considered active (*ahem* Carolyn) don't judge me. I was super lazy this weekend.  But we enjoyed some quality time with the B man this weekend, and you can never argue with that.  Plus, before we went house hunting, E and I drove about half an hour away to an estate sale (yep, half an hour in the opposite direction from the houses we were looking at).  E found this sale posted online and spotted some China that we figured we could flip.  So we drove out there, and the folks running it meant business. We thought some things would be set up outside or you'd just be able to walk inside and take a peak at what you might want, so we showed up about 20 minutes early.  Well, wouldn't you know, we actually got a number and ended up lining up to get into the house.  Luckily we were in the top 10 of people to get in so we got there right away.  We scooped up the China (AKA I happened to find it and E got stuck wrapping and packing every single piece of it while I changed B's diaper and played with him in the car) and headed out.  Before that we had stopped at a yard sale, as well and I had grabbed four books for $1, total.  Turns out the books I grabbed are actually collectively worth about $30!  E was awesome and somehow took pictures and listed everything the same night! Just as well since someone already bought 2 platters from us and one of our other pieces already has a few bids!  I guess he found a steal?

It's pretty, too!  Unfortunately, this picture doesn't even do it justice....and even worse? I'm pretty sure the only pictures taken this weekend were from our estate sale finds...and all taken by E! The good news is that we'll be away for the weekend and some of the time it will be just me and the B Man but E should be able to spend some time with us, too...and I've already got my camera all charged up so we'll be ready to go!

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