13 August 2013

Sunday Funday

Like I said, this weekend was full of relaxation.  E's grandma came down for the weekend, as well.  Did I mention our living situation?  That's a post for another day...but long story short is that we're staying with hubs' parents for the time being.  So when I say his grandma came to stay, she didn't exactly come to stay just to see us.  But it was nice seeing her either way.  It was actually the first time she met her great grandson, too.  We did some grocery shopping and hung out while Papa H grilled.  It was one of those days where there aren't too many words to describe it...but the pictures do all the talking.
 Ok, so this was actually the hubs grilling on Friday...but I had to include the picture :) 
 Hanging out with Grandma on the deck

B has finally started to taking a liking to Jack!

 The new way of expressing himself is to yell. Just. Yell.

 Long day for pup...he's never this relaxed!

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