30 September 2013

First Chicago....

So last year, Eric and I took a trip to Chicago with with my friend Tory and we had a blast.  Granted, I was 4 months preggo, just getting over morning sickness, and we went during the Taste of Chicago...a food festival. Even though I can recognize my bias (*ahem*) it was still a great time! Before I go on...

Oh! Did I ever mention I'm a model? Because I am.

Or that I passed on a career as a professional dancer am a crazy dancer/exerciser with seniors in Chicago that I've never met?


I'm sure that was the best 32 seconds of your life. :) Anyways....a few more scenery photos before I continue...

We also went to the Aquarium, which I have tons of pictures of that I'm not going to post AND we got a free manicure in the park.  It was a pretty great extended weekend.  Either way, I know Eric and I came away from that trip saying that we want to explore more of the US.  I'd say we've travelled a fair amount, but it seems a lot of our travel (when it's outside of driving across the country...more on that some other time...) has been outside of the US.  But I know we both want to travel some more in the US.  So I decided to make a list of the top five places on my list!

5. Attitash, NH - E and his family went here a few times when he was younger and the pictures are gorgeous.  I definitely want to go in the fall first though.

 4. Washington D.C. - I never got to go on the classic 8th grade trip to D.C. but still really want to go to our nation's capital at some point (hopefully in the not-so-distant future!)

3. Austin, TX - I don't even know that much about Austin, but Jenni was one of the first blogs I ever read.  I'm not even sure how I found her blog originally. But she's definitely one of my weekly reads.  Maybe it's her pictures and the unique little places that she always seeks out really neat restaurants and cafes, even her pictures of the farmers market make me want to spend a weekend in Austin. 

2. New Orleans, LA - I mean, does this really need an explanation? 
1. Sedona/The Grand Canyon, AZ - Even though we've lived in AZ twice now, we haven't been able to make it up to Sedona or The Grand Canyon.  And the pictures are just breathtaking. 

Just looking at these pictures is giving me the travel bug!  Good thing we've got Vegas coming up in just a few short months!  What are your favorite places to visit?  What's at the top of your travel bucket list?

26 September 2013

My little man....

...one day, you will learn that things can't always go your way.  And also, that mom putting you a high chair really isn't the end of the world.  I promise, B-man.

25 September 2013

You guys....it's finally fall!  And it feels like it might actually stick.  Eric and I both love the cool crisp air...but we both woke up freezing this morning...which is the first time in who knows how long!  Also, we may be moving towards having a house.  I can't wait to be in our home and be able to decorate....especially for fall...and Halloween! Once we're in our house...and I have time back into my day again, I'm really hoping to be able to make a fall wreath myself, kinda like the one I read about over at TidyMom.net - Cheryl, maybe one day I'll be as organized and crafty as you!

Even though I definitely want to do this...I know we'll be super busy moving in.  I think that my goal will be to have it for Thanksgiving. Also, in case you missed it, we went apple picking the other weekend.  Well two apple crisps later, I still have half the peck left.  Enter: Pinterest!  If you don't follow me yet, maybe you should! I think today, my Falling for Fall Board is definitely my favorite.  I can't wait to make some of these...maybe this Sunday my boys will wake up to some new delicious creations Brady will wake me up before 6AM so I can make breakfast for Eric and we can all enjoy together! Check out my board here for some great recipe ideas.  If you don't love fall, I don't think we can be friends.
Sunday breakfast anyone? 
Apple cider in actual apples?! So cute! 
Can't wait to make these apple dumpings!

Oh it all makes me want to get baking right now! Yum :)

23 September 2013

I'm already planning a big day for a little man...

I can't believe our little B-man is almost 10 months...we're a few days away from that.  You know what that means, right? It means he's going to be ONE in a few short months!  I don't know if I can handle that...but what I can handle is planning a big day for him.  Here's a few things I've been looking at as my inspiration (thank you, Pinterest!)

....I can't wait!

19 September 2013

I'm Warning You Not To Read This....

Seriously. If you get grossed out easily. You should stop. Now.

No, you're still with me?  Then you should thank me now that I don't have pictures for this post.  When B was a little baby (a couple weeks old) I used to get in the tub with him and he would always calm down...it was peaceful and he really seemed to enjoy it (or at least not mind it).  Well, one fine day, I was in the tub, with B.  I should mention this is a new tub that we put in when Eric redid our bathroom.  Well my darling newborn decided he had some some solids he needed to dispose of. Yep, in the nice warm tub with all the night time lavendar scented bubbles.  Then, it was easy because he was so little...scoop him up, stand up and get on out of the tub.  And let's be real, he wasn't even 10 lbs so while it wasn't exactly heaven, it wasn't the end of the world.

Fast forward 9 months.  Our babbling, stubborn little monster man is in the tub (mommy no longer included).  Now, B doesn't like to sit still to start with.  He just has too much energy.  So you would think I would find it odd when the tub is emptying and my angel is just sitting down.  But I didn't. I was grateful. I was enjoying the moment of my baby enjoying bath time and relaxing.  He looked up at me and I knew. He had the look.  Moms...you know which one I'm talking about.  The look.  The look of relief on a little babies face...I tried to stand him up.  I really tried.  When he stood up?  Yup, solids...being disposed of...in shallow bath water...with bubbles...and toys...and a wash cloth.  And then?  And then it was too late.  There was nothing I could do.  I'm pretty sure I just called Eric in and laughed.  He took B into the room after we cleaned up his bum.  And guess what I got to do. Bleach the tub. It was super.  Yes, I bleached the tub.  But not right away.  It took two shopping bags to clean up the solids and try to filter them from going down the TUB drain.  My baby is a little poop machine angel.  Thanks, B-Man.  Let's not do this again sometime. Ever.  Thanks....love, Mom.

17 September 2013

B's First Apple Orchard

This weekend was phenomenal.  We looked at houses on Saturday...and found three that we really liked and would definitely be happy in...so we'll see how this goes! Even more exciting, E surprised me on Friday and said that we should go apple picking on Sunday morning, before football.  Some things you should know about me...I love fall...football season is awesome...and Sundays are my favorite!  I don't think you really need to know a whole lot more...other than this is one of my favorite apple orchards and just so so cute!
They say never wake a sleeping baby....but it turns out if it's to go apple picking for the first time, it's well worth it!

 Not interested in the camera...
 Even less interested in the camera....
 C'mon guys, now I see all the other kids!

 Imagine....all the apple crisp...mmmm

 Apple time!
 Clearly, B hit another developmental milestone....
 Favorite place to be...on Dad's shoulders... 

Old fashioned candies!
Getting sleepy...

And what do you do after a long day? Well you've earned yourself a little nap in Mommy's arms!

Sunday sure is Funday!

16 September 2013

I'm your buckaroo, I wanna be like you...

Bonus points to you if you know this song.  I was driving home by myself today, E had to take a later train, and this song came on.  We had both liked this song for a while now, it's just so cute.  But I will never forget the first time I heard it after we found out we were pregnant.  I remember tears rolling down my face, and I looked over at E and wouldn't you know his eyes were a little welled up, too.  If you have a little boy, or even a girl, and whether or not you like country...this song will get you.


13 September 2013


I just scheduled my little B-Man's 9 month check up appointment today.  I know...he's already 9 months!  Our previous doctor said a 9 mo isn't essential since there aren't any shots needed.  The more I read (thanks, TheBump!) the more I felt like he really should go for a check up!  It's good to check where he was developmentally, etc.  Anyways, I can't believe my baby is actually almost 10 months at this point.  AH!  That made me go look back at photos from when B was born.  His birthday is actually 4 days before E's so I even found a picture of my two favorite boys on E's birthday last year....
Fuzzy pictures because I didn't want to use the flash!
Fun fact: E used to play hockey and is looking to get back into it.  His brother got him a helmet for his birthday last year...but it was a little small.
Anyways...back to my main point. I'm not going to go through my full on birth story.  I cringe when I read those.  Let's just say that the day Brady was born was an interesting one!  I was on my way to work, about 730/8 AM driving on the highway when I started to feel really uncomfortable.  I actually got off the highway and told E I thought I might be in labor.  Now, E works in the city so he was on a train to work. Not exactly easy to have the conductor turn that bad boy around for one person.  We had a plan in place in the event that I went into labor at work, so we decided to stick with that (I knew I wasn't going to pop right then, don't worry!).  I got to work and quietly told a couple of co-workers that I thought I was in labor but I wasn't really sure. They looked at me like I was crazy! But since I wasn't sure I actually worked for about 45 minutes.  Once I figured out that I was actually in labor, my girls put my plan into action! We headed out - Jocelyn drove me in my car and Kerin followed behind us.  While I was in the car, I called the hospital and spoke to a nurse telling her I was coming in because I thought I was in labor. She actually said it didn't sound like I was in labor, so don't come in because they'd just send me home. I told her that was not an option and I was coming in. She scheduled an appointment with my doctor (whose office was thankfully at the hospital) because she didn't believe me. 

We drove to the train station next to the hospital, waited for Eric to arrive and I actually ended up leaving first and Eric met me in the hospital. After seeing my doctor she agreed I was in labor and sent me over to maternity.  Now...most soon-to-be mom's have a "Go Bag" that is properly packed.  I did not. I had a couple of things I thought I needed. No camera. Nothing for E.  I don't even remember if I had anything for B in there other than a hat. Either way, E had to go home, feed the pup and grab some extra stuff.  I got checked in and settled...just waiting for my epidural (no chance I was foregoing those magic meds!).  

By the time E was coming back to the hospital, it was around lunchtime so he had stopped at McDonalds to get something to eat before coming back to the hospital (since I couldn't eat anything).  Turns out he was in such a rush that managed to lock his keys in the car. Yup...it's true.  Good thing B wasn't born until later in the evening so he didn't miss much!

I don't think I've mentioned this on the old blog here...but I had begged my doctor for a C-section. BEGGED.  First off, the idea of a human growing inside of me? Right, some people say it's a beautiful, magical experience. It's not. It's uncomfortable, nauseating, heart-burn inducing....and the list goes on.  The idea of actually pushing a human being out of me? Gag. No thanks...I wanted NOTHING to do with it. But my doctor wouldn't let me.  There was no medical reason for a C-section.  So when labor came? I was terrified. When my doc said I could start pushing? I think I was in shock that the time was actually here and I actually had to face what was going to happen.  But for being my first, I was in labor for 12 hours and pushed for less than an hour.  And let me tell you....it was the first 4 days after B was born that were the worst (we're talking couldn't walk, hurt to laugh, uncomfortable to sit...) and not the actual number.

My entire birth experience took place without a birth plan.  I think not really having many expectations made it a lot easier.  B was 8 lbs 7 oz when he was born and 20.5 inches long.  Most people responded with "wow that's huge" and now I can't believe what a tiny little peanut he was when he was born...how have you already grown so much my little man???