06 September 2013

Girl Crush, Anyone?

Don't get me wrong now.  I love my hubs...but there are some good looking ladies out there these days!  This post was definitely inspired by the amazing Carolyn over at Plum Noir Vintage and her Things I Love post....I should just call this girls I love.  If I had to choose...these sexy ladies make my top 3!

I don't know what it is about these three but they get me every time.  Okay, I know exactly what it is.  They're hot! And two of them are hot mommas...even better!  I wasn't even trying to make this a post with minimal clothes on but it just so happens that these were my favs!

1. Kate Upton - I don't think this even needs an explanation.  I mean...have you seen the Cat Daddy?  That hair...those eyes...that body?! Even if you have no interest in women...she should make you think twice!

2. Kourtney Kardashian - I haven't been able to keep up with the show lately, but I'm pretty sure she's the main reason I watched any of the Kardashians.  I think she's the smartest of the three and a nice balance of boldness between Kim & Khloe.  And let's face...girlfriend's not afraid to be who she is  (even if it means no deoderant while breastfeeding)!  I do think she gets annoying sometimes...but I'm super envious of how good she looks...after two kids!

3. Kendra Baskett - Weird...she'll always be Kendra Wilkinson to me...from Girls Next Door.  Her laugh is annoying...annnnd let's be real, she's pretty dumb.  But I love her tomboy style and even though she's not 100% real I'm pretty envious of her bod!

So tell me, who are your girl crushes?!

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