09 September 2013

Live More Weigh Less

You guys...I know I'm new to the blogging world.  But have you heard of the amazing Sarah Jenks? Well neither had...until yesterday.  It's crazy how you can find new and refreshing blogs weekly just from reading your "regulars." These ladies probably don't even know that I read their blogs...but weekly I check in over at How Sweet It Is because I know I'm going to find a bunch of amazing recipes.  Well, Jessica linked over to this super inspiring post, which naturally lead me over to Sarah Jenks.  All I had to do was read one paragraph to be on board.  So let's back up: Kristen over at Dine & Dish (still with me?) posted about not committing to do all or nothing anymore.  Her post was about me right? I know that when E reads her post he's also going to think she's writing about me.  That diet that I needed to start five, six years ago? Yep...still on hold until, you guessed it, "tomorrow."  I always commit to go all out.  I'm going to start a great diet and keep on it forever, yeah! I'm going to work out like crazy! Remember, after all...I'm going to run until I don't jiggle anymore.  I should know better by now. I make crazy commitments that end up being virtually impossible for me to fulfill.  I've worked out only a handful of times since that last post. We're already up so early that I know I won't workout in the morning. At night by the time B-Man is sleeping, I'm exhausted and I'm lucky if I'm awake for another hour. And at work? Well the time always gets away from me and I never seem to have the time.

I realized I've been struggling to find a balance in my life.  And it just gets too easy to blame it on the circumstances of life...whatever they are. Sarah's Live More Weigh Less challenge embodies finding balance.  In even the smallest ways.  So you know what? I'm going to do as many as possible.  Just looking at the first week I think I might have to rearrange some of the days, because I joined late, and I can't go hiking on a Friday that I'm working.

*Sigh* I'm not sure why writing this whole post has made me feel so much more at ease, but it has.

We're also going to look at houses today.  I probably shouldn't be as hopeful as I am.  But there is one house we're [hopefully] going to look at that I am most definitely crushing on.  The home is gorgeous (from the pics...) and backs up to a little lake.  I guess all we can do is wait and see!  More on that tomorrow!

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