19 September 2013

I'm Warning You Not To Read This....

Seriously. If you get grossed out easily. You should stop. Now.

No, you're still with me?  Then you should thank me now that I don't have pictures for this post.  When B was a little baby (a couple weeks old) I used to get in the tub with him and he would always calm down...it was peaceful and he really seemed to enjoy it (or at least not mind it).  Well, one fine day, I was in the tub, with B.  I should mention this is a new tub that we put in when Eric redid our bathroom.  Well my darling newborn decided he had some some solids he needed to dispose of. Yep, in the nice warm tub with all the night time lavendar scented bubbles.  Then, it was easy because he was so little...scoop him up, stand up and get on out of the tub.  And let's be real, he wasn't even 10 lbs so while it wasn't exactly heaven, it wasn't the end of the world.

Fast forward 9 months.  Our babbling, stubborn little monster man is in the tub (mommy no longer included).  Now, B doesn't like to sit still to start with.  He just has too much energy.  So you would think I would find it odd when the tub is emptying and my angel is just sitting down.  But I didn't. I was grateful. I was enjoying the moment of my baby enjoying bath time and relaxing.  He looked up at me and I knew. He had the look.  Moms...you know which one I'm talking about.  The look.  The look of relief on a little babies face...I tried to stand him up.  I really tried.  When he stood up?  Yup, solids...being disposed of...in shallow bath water...with bubbles...and toys...and a wash cloth.  And then?  And then it was too late.  There was nothing I could do.  I'm pretty sure I just called Eric in and laughed.  He took B into the room after we cleaned up his bum.  And guess what I got to do. Bleach the tub. It was super.  Yes, I bleached the tub.  But not right away.  It took two shopping bags to clean up the solids and try to filter them from going down the TUB drain.  My baby is a little poop machine angel.  Thanks, B-Man.  Let's not do this again sometime. Ever.  Thanks....love, Mom.

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