10 September 2013

I know she's controversial, but...

So Miley Cyrus has definitely turned a few heads over the last few weeks.  She's honestly one of those people that I can't believe I'm writing about because I hate to give her the satisfaction of knowing that I'm just one other person giving her more attention and publicity.  But I can't help myself.  As hard as it's been to accept...Miley will never come across this little blog of mine.  Her performance at the VMAs was...interesting, to say the least.  I tried to ignore it.  It was weird, watching a 20 year old girl, Hannah Montana all grown up and rubbing a foam finger all up in her business.  Strange. I used to babysit a lot...so needless to say, I've watched a lot of Hannah Montana.  This....this is not Hannah Montana. She's definitely shed that image.  I know in a lot of ways America is afraid of sexualization...sometimes I wonder why.  Why aren't we all more open about our sexuality? Why aren't we proud of our sexuality?  Why are we so afraid to show it?  Why, if you do all of this, is it frowned upon?

Well, Miley. You've just taken it to a whole new level. You, and this video, and your VMA performance, that's why people are afraid to show their sexuality.  Because when not done tastefully, this is what we get.  Being proud of who you are, showing that your sexy and confident is one thing.  But your Wrecking Ball video...is a little over the top.  You're 20.  And you're engaged. And you're naked, rubbing your lady business on a wrecking ball and chain.  I'm mortified for you. No one needs to see that. What happened? But well done, because here I am writing about it.

Well, friends, I'll let you decide what you think... Oh, and if you're at work? You may want to wait until later to check out this little gem...

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carolyn lacivita said...

i really like this song. and 'we can't stop' too. it's a shame i can't watch the videos without ending up feeling completely uncomfortable. i pretty much cringed through the entirety of that. would've been way cooler if she used the sledgehammer to smash those walls down. come on miley, show us more of your girl power and less of your girly bits.

thanks for posting lauren!

-- carolyn