05 September 2013

Love Story

Our love story began back in the spring of 2007.  Our wedding invitations actually had a reference to girl meets boy, boy and girl fall in love, boy and girl get married.  But it's the details that are the interesting part, right!?  E and I went to a little university in New England together.  We were actually in the same French class from day one.  Me? I was the over-achiever in the class who actually liked French.  In fact, it was my minor.  Everyone else? And please note, by everyone else I believe I mean the other 12 people in the class.  They were there to get an elective out of the way because they had taken French before in high school.  E and I didn't really talk a whole lot in class.  We sat on opposite sides of the room and he was actually pretty quiet.  Our first actual encounter took place when I was coming back from studying before midterms on a Thursday night and he had been out with some friends being his mischievous self.  Now, even though we didn't interact much, we did live in the same building - he lived two floors beneath me.  And to get into our building there were two sets of doors.  Anyone could get in the first but you needed a fob in order to get into the second.  I came back from studying to find E, a kid from French class sitting in between the sets of doors because he didn't have a key fob.  I think I said something of the lines of "You okay, pal? Need to get in?" Well he looked up at me...paused for a second and said "oh yeah, you're that girl from French class that everybody hates!"  ...And thus began our love story.  Ok, ok that's not where it began.  And *apparently* E didn't really mean that everyone hated me, just that they didn't like me putting so much effort into a class that they just needed to get through for an elective credit.

Turns out at the start of the next semester, someone decided to move his seat next to mine.  And now the love story really begins.  Any thoughts as to how he initiated some actual flirting with me? By kicking my flip flop off any chance he got.  At first it was a little irritating, but the more I talked to him, the more I liked him.  We became friends and chatted quite a bit, chose each other as partners to do some French projects together.  And then it got to be sometime in April.  He told me that his anniversary was coming up and that he didn't know what to get his girlfriend. Now I can't say that I was floored because I knew that he had a girlfriend.  I wasn't trying to steal him away [necessarily] but I thought we were flirting a lot and got along really well so of course I was holding out hope that something would happen.  My heart was crushed when he asked me that.  I was in a place where I thought we were on two completely separate pages.  His anniversary came and went and he still had a girlfriend.  A few weeks came and went and we still talked and flirted but I didn't have a whole lot of hope.  Until we were working on a French project one day. And my roommate was out of town.  We talked. laughed, looked at pictures and I enticed him with so French rap played some really awesome music that he fell in love with before he fell in love with me somehow managed to put up with and see that I wasn't really that fake and was just trying to impress him.  I honestly don't remember how exactly we ended up talking in bed and cuddling but we did.  I remember things started to get passionate, and I told him no, he had a girlfriend.  He said okay and we just cuddled.  But when he started to kiss me again...let's just say it lead to a night of passion [sorry, mom!].  I spent the next few days with a knot in my stomach...not wanting to talk to him, address it or tell anyone else about it.  We ended up meeting in the library one night (why the library? I can't answer that...) and I don't remember what we talked about.  What I do remember is that he still had a girlfriend at that point.  The "in between" here is really all a blur.  What I do remember is that one weekend (probably only a week or two later), he called me up one evening and told me that he had ended it. It was over and he didn't have a girlfriend.  I had been cleaning our dorm room because it was towards the end of the year and we were getting ready to move out...I didn't want to see him right away because I was covered in dust and cleaning materials.  When I was finally ready to see him, I called him and no answer.  I waited a bit, called him again...no answer.  Weird since I thought we were going to hang out.  I went to study with a friend and texted him once or twice but hadn't had an answer.  It wasn't until later that night that I came back to my room and he texted me back saying his ex had come back to try to convince him that it was a mistake and they should be together.  Good thing that I was texting and calling him that whole time. Anyways, you know what they say, the rest is history.  We've had tons of adventures since then.  Adventures, trying times, joyous times and just plain crazy times.  Since most of our stuff is in storage right now I don't actually have the pictures that I took of us from our first date, but I suppose I can always update this posting later on with that.  For the record, we walked to a restaurant right off campus for our first date because neither of us even had a car!

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