25 September 2013

You guys....it's finally fall!  And it feels like it might actually stick.  Eric and I both love the cool crisp air...but we both woke up freezing this morning...which is the first time in who knows how long!  Also, we may be moving towards having a house.  I can't wait to be in our home and be able to decorate....especially for fall...and Halloween! Once we're in our house...and I have time back into my day again, I'm really hoping to be able to make a fall wreath myself, kinda like the one I read about over at TidyMom.net - Cheryl, maybe one day I'll be as organized and crafty as you!

Even though I definitely want to do this...I know we'll be super busy moving in.  I think that my goal will be to have it for Thanksgiving. Also, in case you missed it, we went apple picking the other weekend.  Well two apple crisps later, I still have half the peck left.  Enter: Pinterest!  If you don't follow me yet, maybe you should! I think today, my Falling for Fall Board is definitely my favorite.  I can't wait to make some of these...maybe this Sunday my boys will wake up to some new delicious creations Brady will wake me up before 6AM so I can make breakfast for Eric and we can all enjoy together! Check out my board here for some great recipe ideas.  If you don't love fall, I don't think we can be friends.
Sunday breakfast anyone? 
Apple cider in actual apples?! So cute! 
Can't wait to make these apple dumpings!

Oh it all makes me want to get baking right now! Yum :)

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