31 December 2013

Welcome, 2014

Eric and I brought in the New Year in a pretty exciting fashion. Chinese food, Law & Order SVU and then Modern Family...Mr. BMan going to bed at 8PM....I'm just happy I made it until midnight (shocking, I know).  We're looking forward to an exciting 2014 but I don't have any actual resolutions for 2014. I'd like to be more positive, get more done at work so that I can spend more time with my family and less time on my computer when I get home. Workout more (duh) and eat better.  Like I said, we ordered Chinese food.  In typically Lauren fashion, I managed to get a fortune cookie that was....less than desirable. Let me first start by showing you the fortune that Eric got.
 Wise words, no? I'm sure that if you have any resolutions for 2014, you could tie this quote into them. And on the back of all fortunes these days they teach you Chinese, right? And they give you lucky numbers...so Eric got "Exciting" as his words and 25 happens to be my lucky number, and look at what Eric got....
Ok, so you're probably saying that's not terribly exciting...well somehow, Eric turned out "Learn Chinese" words into 2014 fortunes.  Which wouldn't be so bad if my word was exciting. Instead you may as well just call me spud...because my "Learn Chinese" word was "Potato"...potato?  I don't think I've ever eaten any Chinese food that even has potatoes in it. How random....
 So you're now thinking that at least my fortune will make up for it, yes? Well let me tell you, womp womp. Tonight will be a lucky night. Can't even take that and apply it to all of 2014...or part of 2014....or any night other than tonight. And not only that...it says that tonight will be a lucky night. Not even your lucky night. Super. Clearly the fortune cookie gods don't have a particularly exciting 2014 planned out for me.
....Happy New Year!

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