31 December 2013

And the Christmas fun continued

The other day, I told you all about our Christmas day and B's first real Christmas.  After our day was over, we woke up the next day, had some breakfast and headed to my parents house.  What should have been a two hour drive ended up taking four hours.  BMan had his new car seat and luckily he napped for an hour (thought we were on a roll there for a while, since you know, we were "halfway there")...and then was okay and busy babbling for another hour....and after that, little BMan was nothing more than a little fuss bucket.  No worries, I didn't take pictures of the fussiness, that wouldn't be fun...just the cuteness!
So we finally made it to my parents house, we opened gifts, had lots of food, saw old neighbors, got some sleep and spent time with family.  I was going through the pictures and we actually didn't take too many! Our little bug did get some awesome boots from my parents.  B always fights us when we put shoes on. Even if they stay on for a little bit, he gets fussy later on (particularly when we're in the car!) and wants them off. But these boots that B got? He loves them. I'm not sure what it is about them, but he wore them for most of the night after he opened them, and then the next morning he asked for Eric to put them on! (You know..."ah, ooohhh" while pointing at boots).  Either way, I'm impressed that they stay on his feet and he actually likes them!

 BMan also got a music-making gator that squeaks when you put the pegs on and plays music when you put the pegs in his mouth. It also plays music every time you move it.  That's not an exaggeration, I can't point the toy away without it making music...thanks Nana and Papa..! At least B likes it!
It was a great time and I think everyone had fun! We did have to head out the next morning because we left our pup at home (yep, he's an outdoor husky) and when we got home, we could tell he had been playing with a stick miniature log and managed to get himself pretty tangled on his runner!
When we got home, the little man had a package waiting for him.  He got a great toy that he drags around like a puppy now! Thank you, Sarah! BMan loves his new toy!

 A couple of hours later, Eric's older brother and his fiancee came over and had more gifts for bug...thus proving why we didn't get him many gifts ourselves this year!

We still haven't gotten batteries for this toy yet but that hasn't stopped B...he loves throwing the balls into the gator and taking them out! We've definitely had a busy Christmas week!  Luckily, Eric and I are now off for the next week! Should give us some time to relax and regroup! Woohoo!

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