20 December 2013

Tree Decorating

I've recently come to accept something.  It's something I never thought I would be...and something I'd never thought I'd accept.  I'm a slob.  There's something you need to know, too.  I grew up in a house where everything was clean and tidy. Everything had it's place. I can't recall too many times where I was told to clean my room because it was typically pretty clean.  Well, let's discuss a few things that have changed since those times.  Having two working parents, one wild one year old and a home to maintain makes for a house that is...not at all what I grew up in.  When Eric first met me, I couldn't sleep unless the room was clean.  Now, you're lucky if I do laundry and iron once a week. And vacuuming? The good news is that we're not home all day all the time so vacuuming is more of an option than an actual necessity in our typically week, right? Probably not....but now that we have a Christmas tree up (yes, 5 days before Christmas it's finally decorated) I'm forced to vacuum! Let's take a step back a minute - I'm accepting that my house isn't clean. And I don't really mean it's dirty. It's just messy. It's not that we're slobs that live in filth. No, no. Everything is clean, but a mess.  Eric actually asked me the other day when the homemaker was coming. Ha! It makes me laugh out loud when I even type it. We don't have a homemaker. I'm assuming some of you all are reading this saying "he must have some nerve! How could Eric even say that?" But fear not my friends. I have proof. I understand why he asks. It's because on your average afternoon, after work and daycare, our house looks like this:
...and this is a clean picture! When he really gets going, we have pieces and parts that are all over the living room, kitchen, etc.

Anyways, back to my main point. That I can't keep our house "clean"....I'm so disorganized.  We couldn't even get our tree up and decorated until 5 days before Christmas...who am I?? The good news is, I actually love my life. I love that this house wasn't founded on perfection.  (That's a good saying, am I right? Thanks, toots...I wish I could take all the credit, but it's safe to assume that most things witty on this blog are stolen from the hubs).  I love that 5 days before Christmas we can decorate our tree, and pretty quickly, and still love everything about it. It didn't feel rushed, it looks beautiful...no complaining from this wifey!
First picture...and right after snapping it I noticed how sad the bottom string of lights looked...
Enter, handy hubby...
 Did I mention we can't find our tree skirt? That's a tablecloth...surrounding our tree

 Every year these silver, glittery ornaments get me

 I bought this to stick on a stocking for B last year....yet another DIY project I never finished...but it looks pretty great on the tree this year!
 Here's to wishing our tree a solid ten days of decorated life!

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