02 December 2013

He's one....ONE!

The day came. I couldn't stop it. We no longer have a newborn...or a 6-month-old. Or an almost-one-year-old.  We have a child...a child who is one. He's not an infant anymore. We have a toddler.

And surprisingly...I'm actually not full of panic.  And I didn't even cry on his birthday. B's birthday was on Black Friday this year. We went out a did a little bit of shopping for Christmas but not for too long.  He was really good but we didn't want to push our luck so we were only out for a few hours. We actually didn't end up celebrating his birthday at all on his actual birthday. We came home, he napped, Eric and I cleaned and decorated the house. Then later on, Eric's older brother and his fiancee came over for dinner and spent the night.  B even got an early birthday present on Saturday morning from them..which turned into his birthday outfit!

We had our family over, great food, company and a precious little boy who hammed it up all night.  I went back and forth for a while on whether to invite friends or just keep it family.  Friends, I love you all...but I'm so glad we only had family.  We only had one meltdown during the day and it was during presents.  Poor little BMan couldn't understand why he got a great toy, and we'd take it away from him. Every. Single. Time.  In our defense...he got pretty attached to each toy he opened and wanted to play with only that toy. He didn't want to look at anyone, or any other toys...just wanted to focus on one toy. And after a little while? Well he thought it got old that we would give him something new, steal it, grab him and put him on my lap and put a new toy in front of his face. I think he figured out we would just take it away!  Turned out, a little bottle fixed that real fast.  I'm so proud of our little guy. He was just so chill and so good throughout the day.  There was a lot going on for such a little person to take in and he did so well.  He was shy with almost everyone at first, but warmed up real quick and loved all of his toys (thank you, all!).  I know some people dread having two families coming together on any given day, but I love having our whole family together...there's nothing like having everyone in the same place at the same time and just enjoying each other's company. One of my favorite thing to see is my Nagymama and Eric's grandma (Brady's great-grandma's!) chatting and laughing and enjoying each other's company. Rather than rambling on, I'll let you all see for yourselves!  Let me preface this by B Man just hung out and chilled for a while before his party started..

And played in the leaves....and on the deck.... 

Definitely not spoiled or anything....no, not at all.... 

 Time to open a new present....and this is what happens....

 Nice hat, cutie pie

I also wanted to say thanks to my dad...for holding Brady...with a sword...pointing at the fan (did I mention B is OBSESSED with the damn fan....obsessed....).  Yesterday morning I woke up, brought B into the living area...and all he did was point at the fun and say "AH AH AH"...unfortunately, Eric and I aren't 6'5" so we can't hold him up high enough to reach the fan. He was NOT a happy camper. 

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