14 December 2013

Let's call it history

We took a little trip today....a trip to visit Eric's Grandma.  We hadn't seen her in well over three years.  But today is history.  Brady has met all of his living great-grandparents. And while we're sure he won't remember the first time he met them all, it's pretty cool.  Back in March, we drove from Arizona out to California and we were able to spend some time with my mom's parents.  Grandma and Grandpa, it was so good to see you then!  Unfortunately, we didn't get any pictures of Grandpa! Look at how tiny the little guy was back then, and look at those poses!

He was such a tiny tike! When we left from Arizona to come home, my parents were kind enough to fly home with the B-Man, and when we got home, my Nagymama was there bonding with the little guy!

Once we were back on the east coast, he hung out with another great-Grandma (Eric's mom's mom) and even shared a couple of toys!

And today....despite feeling a little sick from his first flu shot, he managed to sneak in a few smiles with Eric's dad's mom....he has now officially met all of his living great-Grandparents.

Bug, you're one lucky guy.

In other news, some people have commented that BMan might be a little ginger. Others have just said that he looks strawberry blonde.  Are you all wondering where it came from? Since Eric appears to have brown hair...and I was clearly a fake blonde (...don't remember that? Because it was before I started this blog...and I have very, very few pieces of evidence of this...but there is one...)
...but my natural color at this point is brown. So where is this red hair coming from, you ask?

Well, while we were at BMan's great-Grandma's house today, Eric snapped this little gem....
Have I ever mentioned that Eric's dad is a twin? Or that he had red hair when he was younger? Well, he is...and he did.  So is BMan a ginger?  Maybe not quite like his grandpa....but if there are hints of ginger in his hair...you now know why!

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Kels said...

He wants to be a ginger like his Auntie Kelsey! hehehe