04 November 2013

What a weekend

My oh my!  Where to even start.  Eric had to work this weekend so it was just me and the B-Man all weekend.  Luckily, B took some great naps, especially on Saturday...so I was able to clean out our garage!  Is it weird that I'm excited about that? No? Good.  Because I am.  I cleaned more than I've cleaned in a looonnnggg time this weekend! We still have a ton of stuff in the garage...but, now we could fit both cars into the garage if we wanted to!  I also vacuumed the entire house, did approximately 17 loads of laundry and folded about 15 of those.  We had half of our things in a storage unit, and a couple of months ago, we found rat droppings...so we knew there were rats in storage, so I washed every piece of clothing and every single bag that I possibly could this weekend.  I found 5 pillows, Brady's baby monitors (hello baby sleeping in his new room...next weekend!) AND I even found the nuts and bolts so that we can actually assemble the frame, etc of our bed.  Yep, we've got our bed on a boxspring on the floor right now.  BUT...let me tell you, Sunday afternoon...I texted Eric.  And all I had to say was that it finally feels like home.  Light a fall scented Yankee Candle...in a newly cleaned house...that's finally organized...where my baby boy is running around like a a little man...and it'll start to feel like home.
Can anyone else see that crazy curl on the right side of B's head?

I mean...if you can walk around like a crazy pants almost naked in your new home...I think you're settling in :)

In other news, even though we're settling in, B-Man has been having a bit of separation anxiety.  I won't even go over what happened at daycare last week...but when Eric left for work this morning, and B-Man and I were still at home...we had a full on melt down.  I'm talking flailing on the ground, shrieking, kicking, blue in the face...oh yes, I do not kid.  All because Daddy had the nerve to go to work.  Pff.  And the only way to calm my precious angel baby down?  Allow me to show you...

That's right.  Empty every last sandwich bag from the box.  No interest in eating them, walking on them...nope.  Just interested in pulling them out.  So what did this momma do next?  I shoved them all back in the box.  And he was at it again.  I'm tellin ya...who needs toys of any kind when you have your own yardstick, full access to mixing bowls and sandwich baggies?  Not this little man!

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David Higgins said...

Wow he looks like he is home, I see a birthday idea?