09 November 2013

Just Another Saturday

Seems like B and I have a Saturday morning routine.  He usually sleeps until about 6:30, and then we usually let Daddy sleep until about 7:30.  In that hour...we laugh, we play...and most importantly?  We eat!  This morning I couldn't help but take a whole bunch of quick shots of little BMan sitting in his high chair, covered in food...wild hair...and the sun rising over the trees behind him.

And that last one there...is attractive, my dear.  Then Daddy woke up, and as I write this he's making a big breakfast of eggs, onion and bacon.  Mix it all together and what do you get?  Probably one of the most delicious omelettes you could ask for.  

So, a few weeks back I had said that it was time.  And I'm happy to report I'm doing better.  We've been eating better, moving a little bit more.  And I've lost 4 pounds.  So not great, but it's a start.  Next week, Eric and I are going to try out a Paleo-inspired diet.  We're trying to cut out a lot of carbs and sugar that we both know we eat too much of on a daily basis.  It will be interesting for sure, but I'm hopeful that I'll have lots of recipes to share.  We are so inspired to get moving on this new eating habit that we even went shopping last night.  No, not shopping shopping.  Grocery shopping.  That's right, at 7 o'clock last night we headed out to Stop and Shop (and were pleasantly surprised at how much food we got and for how little!).  I've typically avoided Stop and Shop because I have this perception that it's too expensive.  Well, it wasn't yesterday!  We got lots of meat, fruits and veggies for the week and only spent about $50.  So we're excited around these parts.  And as I turn my head, I see a hubby making breakfast with two mixing bowls and a sock on his head.  I wish I had a picture for you all, but let's just say the things we do to keep little ones happy, away from momma so she can blog and amused are always entertaining round these parts.  

And with that, we say have a fabulous weekend, friends!

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Lauren Higgins said...

Little B Man is getting so big!