25 November 2013

Annnd I'm Back!

So last time we chatted, it was 11 days ago.  11!  Unacceptable.  Yes, we've been busy.  but no, we haven't been that busy! We've made a ton of progress.  I already mentioned that we've done some painting, but I didn't get a chance to show you before and afters.  So that's why I'm here!  I painted our small upstairs bathroom yesterday, too.  Really I'd just been itching to do it.  We bought a small, $2.00 can of paint - it wasn't the color I originally had chosen, but it was a nice shade of grey, and for $2.00.  Is it even possible to beat that?  I'll help. It's not.  Anyways, I'll get to it!
It seems like so few pictures for the amount of work it was.  Thanks again to mom and dad for helping us with this fun little project! I think "the guy who comes with Nana" had a blast sword fighting with the little one...
BMan loves giving Daddy high fives!
Don't mind the clean and unfolded laundry in the background (that's pretty much standard 'round these parts!) but I mean check out the wild hair on this crazy little man!

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