14 November 2013

It's Thursday?

It's been a busy week!  We bought all of our paint last weekend (get ready for some before and afters coming up in the next week!) and this entire week has been a blur.  We've been so busy but one of our big successes has been eating a Paleo-inspired diet AND working out.  Big changes for this household.  We had been eating "better" for a while, but this past week, we've eaten eggs, protein and more fruits and veggies in this past week than we have in the past month.  Our counter and fridge drawers now are full of color and all kinds of healthy things:

I tried to work out every week day this past week, but I did miss one day.  We're both feeling great and I know I have much more energy.  Which may also be related to....Mr. B-Man moving downstairs to his own room and getting even closer to sleeping through the night.  Last night we only had two wake ups, they were both for about 5 minutes and B-Man ate 8 ounces throughout the night.  We're getting closer!
The playing at daycare and swinging in circles on the floor with Daddy probably also helps tire the little guy out!  
Have you ever seen a cute smile?! How about a giggle?

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