07 October 2013


So yesterday I promised that I would tell you more about our actual wedding.  And I didn't lie!  We got married on a beautiful Saturday in June in RI.  Eric and I spent the night before the wedding together, and then the day of, I met up with the girls to get our hair done and get ready.  Warning: I think a wedding is much better told in pictures than in words.  I already mentioned most of the details yesterday, so today I'm going to show you pre-ceremony the day of the wedding and the ceremony + some formal photos.  I'll show you all the reception tomorrow...then I promise to take a wedding break. :)

 Flower Girl getting her hairs did
 I ended up wiping off the lipstick...for someone who doesn't wear make up, it was a bit much!

The girlies pre-wedding

Ceremony venue


 "Serious Faces"


Eric Higgins said...

I love that picture of you sitting in the window - one of my favorites!

Kels said...

This was such a fun day, so glad I got to celebrate with you guys! I love the black and white one of the girls on the rock wall, I have that one on my wall at home :-)