30 October 2013


I mentioned in a couple of previous posts that we've been sick lately.  It all started almost three weeks ago when B came down sick on a Sunday.  He wasn't sick sick, but had a noticeable cough and runny nose and just seemed agitated.  By Monday night, I had a cough and a nasty headache and definitely understood why B had been fussy.  But by Tuesday...Eric had caught some real nasty version of whatever Brady and I had.  We all held on to what we had throughout the week and thought that maybe we'd be better after our weekend outside, we'd all have gotten a ton of fresh air and feel a whole lot better.  Well, I guess that's not quite how it works.  I think by the time we were driving home from New Hampshire, Eric was really feeling it.  He had a nasty cough...and what sounds like a chest cold.  I called B's doctors office about two weeks ago and they said from what I described, he just has a cold and to expect it to linger for another 2-3 weeks.  As long as he's not wheezing and it doesn't get any worse, he'll be fine.  Well, let me tell you about one night a couple weeks ago.  Are you squeamish? This is another warning.  Close this window.  Poor little man was coughing so much one night.  I tried to give him a bottle to calm him down and he inhaled....inhaled a few ounces really quickly.  And then started coughing again.  Coughing so much to get all the junk out of his throat that his gag reflex kicked in and he threw up.  Not only did he throw up.  He through up down my shirt.  Not on my shirt.  He actually managed to projectile vomit between my shirt and body.  And the worst part.  It happened again an hour or so later.  He had such a restless night and I felt so bad for our poor little bug.  He cried and screamed...I tried giving him water.  Eric grabbed large couch pillows from the living room for us so that I could hold him so that we could both sleep sitting up in hopes that everything in his throat wouldn't pile up like it did when he was lying flat.  We all had a restless night.  And of course, my little B-Man was up and ready to be at 'em at 5:05 this morning.  He had some breakfast, he had a bath, got dressed and was ready for daycare.  His daycare is about 7 minutes from the house.  When we got to daycare, I went around back to grab B-Man and his car seat and he was passed out cold.  I brought him inside....and he just stayed sleeping.  So cute.  But weeks of this:
Not so much fun!
Now, fast forward to our first weekend in our new house.  On Sunday, we went to Lowe's to grab some supplies to put up a runner in the back yard for Jack (until we can get a fence up).  Well, Lowe's is about 5 minutes away from us.  We pull into the parking lot and B-Man throws up alllllll over himself (did I mention I had just washed his car seat?  Because I had...) and I mean throw-up-you-can-tell-what-I-had-for-breakfast throw up.  Bleh.  So it was turn around and head home time.  He took a bath, and long story short, ended up getting sick again.  Felt horrible for the little man.  And then the next day, this Mama got whatever the little guy had.  And the next day? Yep...Eric had it.  So, needless to say, we've all been fighting a nasty stomach bug around these parts.  Once I got over the stomach bug, my cold was gone and I felt great...let's hope it's the same for all of us!

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