29 October 2013

The real plunge

So this is a post I started writing last week and never published.  Then a couple of days ago, Eric looked at our little B-Man and said "I guess your mom's a retired blogger, bud!"  Anywho, about what I wrote last week...

I don't want to speak too soon...but I can't help myself!  Hopefully, one week from now, Eric, B and I will be living in our new home!  We're set to close on Monday afternoon and start the move on Tuesday.  Hopefully then I can get some actual content up on the our home section of this here blog.  The worst part of buying this house is that the previous owners smoked...inside.  Bleh.  So we're going to be doing some washing of the walls and eventually some painting.  I have a feeling it might take more than a coat or two in some places.  We're also going to get some carpet put down and we'll need to get a fence up in the backyard for Mr. Jack.  I'm so excited!!  If I'm missing over the next week or two, it's because we're busy moving and getting settled in.  We have only spent a night or two in our bed in the past 10 months....that's crazy!  I can't wait to have our own room, in our own house...and sleep in OUR bed again.

I'm sure you'll be seeing plenty of photos in the not-too-distant future.  I'm hoping to have a few great before and after's, as well!  EEK!

So it's true!  We finally have a home!  We took two days off from work last week, my mom came up and helped us move all of our stuff from our old house and another truck-load of stuff from our storage locker and then Eric's mom came and helped us unpack the second truck-load as well.  We had some dinner and then it was back to work!  My mom started washing walls while Eric and I just tried to organize a few things.  We spent the next day organizing and cleaning some more, getting TV/internet set up...and it's just been a whirlwind since then.  Our commute...is now amazing!  And our house...well we're working on it.  The whole house is pretty much an off-white color on the inside and the previous owners smoked, so part of the house just smells a little stale now.  But the good news...I'm super-excited to show before-and-after pictures!  This week it definitely started to feel like a real home.  Eric even put up our Halloween decorations...I think that's really what really did it.  Well, that and the fact that we've all had a stomach bug going around for a few days.  First B, then me...then Eric.  And I gotta say, staying at home sick...trying to sleep and keep an eye on an almost-1-year-old (what?!) who can walk and almost run now...well I guess there's nothing better than that to help make a new house really feel like home!  And then to see the babe and hubs doing pretty much the same thing the next day, well I think it's safe to say we're all getting comfy here!  Oh...and seeing Eric in the Pack & Play with B-Man...in our room...I think I made some comment about it to Eric's parents when we went to pick our pup up, but it's true...it melted my heart and the first thing I did was grab the camera.  Is this not the cutest thing you've ever seen?!
Did I mention we have a climber on our hands?

So now, a few pictures of (the outside) of our new place!
 Our little driveway looking up to the neighbors' house
Home sweet home

More pictures to come later once we're all organized and settled in!

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